Hola folks! Hope you have read the OOPs article, if you haven't go and learn Class, Objects, Methods. Click here. After you complete reading this article we will study

Abstract class, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Collections ……..!

A constructor is a special member function that is invoked when an object of the class is created primarily to initialize variables or properties. A class needs to have a constructor and if we do not declare a constructor, then the compiler generates a default constructor.

Kotlin has two types of constructors –

  1. Primary Constructor
  2. Secondary Constructor

Toh chaliye jante hain Primary Contructor kaise…

Hola! Hope you are excited to learn Kotlin and start your Android app development journey.

fun main()
println("Let's get started")

I believe that you have just begun your development journey so we will be focusing on some of the important concepts like, Object-oriented programming system.

  1. Object-Oriented Programming System (OOPs)
  2. Constructors [ Primary Constructor and Secondary Constructor ]
  3. Inheritance
  4. Abstract Classes
  5. Interface
  6. Exception Handling

But first of all, we will start by learning OOPs, Class , Methods and Objects.

Let us hear a story of Steve and Ray. Both of them decided to code in two different ways, one…

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